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Elementary and Secondary Education – Any employee of an educational institution offering preschool, elementary, middle or high school education is eligible for the program. Any elected or appointed member of a parent association currently in service is also eligible.

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It is well known that Apple wants all educational institutions to rely on its products as tools for students, with the iPad as the flagship. But the world must have turned upside down for Cupertino with this news: the Maine Department of Education has decided to return to the MacBook after using the iPad as an educational tool for some time.

The switch, which has Apple’s own cooperation to the extent that it won’t cost schools any money to do so, was prompted by survey results that confirmed that both students and teachers in Maine schools prefer laptops to iPads. 88.5% of teachers and 74% of students specifically.

At least across the board, but there is a difference depending on the age of the students. Younger students prefer the iPad, but as they get older they prefer the MacBook. Another approach is given by the teachers who gave their feedback in the survey, going so far as to say that the iPad is a «disaster» or that students use it more as a «video game console»:

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With 27 percent of the global tablet market, Apple is getting ready to announce to the world what could be a new tablet at an event today in Chicago for which it chose a school, Tech College Prep High School, as the setting.

Apple’s style in handling this type of announcements has been maintained for decades. Creating expectation is its hallmark and it has succeeded, as the Internet has been a hotbed of media versions of all kinds that claim to know what Tim Cook, the president and CEO of the firm, will present.

Speculations were even unleashed around the invitation, which shows a figure of the bitten apple made with strokes that resemble those of a pencil, hence many of his followers are almost certain that an improved electronic pencil will be presented for this tablet.

However, specialized media doubt that the new device includes great innovations or technical capacity, since it would be about lowering costs to offer low prices, however we will know all this in hours.


We are back to school. We know that this is a little difficult but we want to give you a hand in facilitating the tools for your studies. Do not miss the offers and discounts that this academic year 2021 / 2022 we offer to university students and teachers.

The discount is the same for both teachers and students. Right now it is 7% on all Apple computers, whether desktops or laptops; 4% on all iPad models; and in addition, there is a 10% discount on the purchase of Apple Pencil, both first generation and second generation.

Until the end of the offer at the beginning of the academic year 2021 / 2022, we offer a discount (7% on all Apple laptops and 7% on Apple desktops), for university students (including higher education) and teachers. The offer on Apple laptops refers to:

As a friend said, «another option, it’s a different thing». Well, this option, which is a different thing, will also help you in your studies, jobs and classes. Whether you are a teacher or a student, iPads will help you with everything. There’s no need to explain again all the great features you can get from these «digital folios», but since it’s Tuesday and I have nothing better to do, I’ll quote them:What can I do with my iPad?

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