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Best time to post on instagram 2021

The main one is because it’s in our interest to post our photos at the right time so that Instagram’s algorithm can deliver the content we create to our audience, which can be either our target or our followers.

→ Keep in mind that the schedule I have shown you before is adapted to a single target, but this schedule is not the same for a student who is taking competitive exams, for example, or even for a university student.

For this reason you have to know your audience well and what is the time when they connect the most, as this will be your best time to publish on social networks. Below I will show you how you can do it.

There are hundreds of tools that can help you know your audience and determine the best time to post on social networks for your company, but among them, I want to highlight two.

Because we are interested in publishing our photos at the right time so that Instagram’s algorithm can deliver the content we create to our audience, which can be either our target or our followers.

Best time to post on instagram on sunday

Sometimes it’s a good idea to go with your gut; others, it’s best to have a strategy. Looking for prominence on Instagram? Then you need to take care of everything. From the image and text you choose, to the time you post should have a reason. Knowing what is the best time to post on Instagram will give an advantage that will translate into more audience.

Just like the best time of day to post on Instagram, finding the right day of the week is also a challenge. Some research suggests that Wednesdays and Thursdays promote the most interaction, although anecdotal evidence from social media managers sometimes suggests otherwise.

Weekends tend to fail, depending on the type of Instagram account you’re running, as well as the type of followers you have. If your Instagram account is aimed at your friends and family, for example, you may have better interaction on weekends. But if you’re looking to capture the attention of companies and businesses, you have to keep in mind that many of these are closed on weekends.

Best time to post on instagram 2021 mexico

On the weekend our routine changes. We want to make the most of our free time or else rest, and this is noticeable when it comes to using Instagram. Making a post on Saturday or Sunday will work best in the 10:00 to 12:00 time slot. Why is this the perfect time period to upload a photo? Because users tend to wake up around that time and see what’s happening on their social networks.

Now that you can get an idea of what times you can post, let’s analyze which days are the best. Posts tend to reach more users when they are shared on weekdays, but the best days are Mondays and Thursdays.

Although there is no best or worst day on Instagram, as posts tend to do well every day, the truth is that photos uploaded on Monday or Thursday tend to do better than those uploaded on Sunday. This is the worst day of the week.

The success of your posts is, to a large extent, subject to the attractiveness of the content and that it is displayed in the hours with the highest presence of users. As you have seen, the best hours on Instagram go hand in hand with the general activity of society. However, as we pointed out at the beginning of this post, each account and its audience is different. Therefore, it is important to know what your best hours on Instagram are.

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To find out at what time you should post on Instagram, we recommend testing publications on different days and times, in order to analyze the specific results of your business and build a strategy based on that.

Sprout Social, like Buffer, is a social media management platform that offers social media listening and data analysis tools. From the blog of this platform, they tell us:

«Looking at Instagram generally, the most consistent interaction can be found Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.. Interaction decreases every day before 6 a. m. and after 9 p. m.»

«Retail and consumer product brands can reduce noise and gain interaction in the earlier peak hours, or focus on relatively safe times for interaction that take place Tuesday through Friday, between 11 a. m. and 3 p. m. Shopping behavior declines in the late afternoon, with interaction lower every day between 5 a. m. and after 9 p. m.»

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