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Definitely the first account I recommend you to follow is mine.    I’m constantly trying new and different applications to take photos, edit them and include special effects or filters in some of them.
At other times I simply share videos I’ve taken with Instagram itself or with other interesting programs. Also, I’m always exploring the fascinating city of New York, trying to capture interesting angles or scenes that serve as inspiration for others.
Since Instagram is a social network based on posting photos, my second recommendation is to follow people and organizations that post quality, original and -why not to say it- simply spectacular images.
One of my favorites is Nestor Barbitta, who shares interesting images of his day-to-day life in Argentina and other countries he visits. I also follow the famous National Geographic publication. If what you like is adventure, exotic places, nature and discovering more about the planet we live in, NatGeo’s account will surely surprise you with each of its publications.

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To create creative content, it is very important to get inspired and be aware of the trends and news that are on the networks. That’s why, in today’s post, we bring you the #NasasasTeam’s recommendations of Instagram accounts that you shouldn’t miss this 2020… Take out your phone and open IG, we’re starting!
Freeda is a project that focuses, above all, on carrying feminist and original content. In their Instagram account they make visible the work of artists, support messages from different women or carry out sections such as «Woman Crush On», where they make visible women who have overcome some difficulty.
Restless Culture aims to democratize culture and the arts by making them accessible to everyone. Thus, in their Instagram account, they share different artistic manifestations ranging from the most classical painting to the most transgressive collages, through illustration or current trends that take over social networks.


As we said, Instagram does not notify you of unfollows or people who have unfollowed you, but there are apps that help you find them if you are curious or if you need to check for work reasons. Anyway, here are some tips on how to do it. Why is it important to know if you are unfollowed? If you are trying to use it professionally, you should analyze why the content is not working or why you are not succeeding in gaining the loyalty of the followers you have.
In case you suspect that a known person has unfollowed you, you can easily check. However, if you have seen that your list of followers has dropped it is because someone has stopped following you, and you would like to know who it is to find out what has happened. As we said, if you suspect it’s a specific person just go to your followers list and do the appropriate check, but if you have no idea you should resort to other options, especially if you have a lot of followers.

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We are going to explain you how to solve the problem of Instagram making your profile follow people you don’t know. This is an error that tends to happen from time to time and makes you suddenly realize that you are following people you don’t even know or remember following.
When you enter, above the list of users you will see the option of how they are sorted. In it, by default it will appear as Sorted by_ Default. What you have to do is click on the message that tells you how the list is sorted to change the order.
This second is the case that most often occurs, and to solve it you will have to go into the settings and review what services and applications have access to your Instagram account to remove as many as you can. Or you can also delete them one by one until you find the one that is causing the problem.
You will see two different options. If you click on the Active option you will see all the pages and apps that have active access to your Instagram account and its data. On the other hand, in Expired you will see those that had access but their permission has expired. As you can see, most of them are still active.

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