Correo web movistar telefonica net

Correo web movistar telefonica net


For those users who were able to register and open an email account before Movistar decided to close the platform, they can continue to use this service normally. If you want to access your mail account, you will have to follow the steps below:
At this point you will have to configure all the email information related to the user and the server. In the Internet e-mail configuration section, follow these steps: login

Movistar mail is an email service platform offered by the Movistar operator so that its customers can create an email account with their domain. Although it no longer allows new registrations, users with already created accounts, can access and continue to use the account.
One negative point is that there is no application to manage Movistar email. Nor can it be controlled from the Movistar app, even though the operator is trying to unify all its services so that they can be managed from the customer area.
Telefónica Movistar email is a very good service to use for direct management with the company, as it is a more professional domain. If you want more information about business services, click here: Movistar Empresas.


Puede que sea menos común que otros dominios como las cuentas de correo de Gmail o Outlook, pero hay usuarios que utilizan el correo de Movistar.  A día de hoy no se puede crear un email de Movistar , un email con @Telefonica o @Movistar pero hay usuarios que sí lo tienen ya que lo hicieron hace años.  Por ello, te explicamos aquí cómo funciona el correo electrónico de Movistar o cuáles son los posibles errores que te puedes encontrar al abrir tu cuenta.
Actualmente Movistar no ofrece a sus clientes la posibilidad de crear una cuenta de correo electrónico, pero hay personas que llevan diez, doce, quince años en la compañía y que siguen teniendo la posibilidad de acceder a su webmail .  En ese caso, te explicamos cómo funciona o cuáles son los problemas más comunes que puedes encontrar.
Lo primero que debemos tener claro es cómo acceder al webmail de Movistar.  Esto es muy sencillo ya que simplemente tenemos que ir a la web desde donde podemos introducir nuestra dirección de correo electrónico y nuestra contraseña.  También podemos acceder a través de una aplicación de correo electrónico como Microsoft Outlook o MacOS Mail o desde aplicaciones de correo electrónico disponibles en dispositivos Android o iPhone, explican desde Movistar.

Telefónica net mail

Once you access your Movistar email you may find that it allows you to receive emails but does not allow you to send them. This may be because you have been blocked. The operator itself details a series of reasons why you may be blocked:
Note that all accounts with, or are blocked if they are not used for more than 90 days. They are automatically deleted and deactivated. But if you just log in following the instructions in the first paragraph, you can reactivate the service and start receiving or sending emails using your account again.
If you are used to other email services you may find that you receive too much SPAM. Movistar indicates on its support page that it has a more powerful AntiSpam engine in the updated version but it is recommended that you mark as spam all emails that you do not want to continue to appear. SPAM emails are automatically deleted after thirty days.