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If you wish to access the website from your cell phone or tablet, there are two ways to proceed. First, you can do it from your Smartphone browser following the same steps explained above, and as a second option you can log in by downloading the application from the «Play store» or «App store».
If any of the previous options worked for you, when you are inside the account go to the settings panel and check which emails are connected to your user. To do this go to Settings > General > Contact, this to make sure that this problem does not occur again.

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The main function of this social network is to connect millions of people on a daily basis, no matter how far away they are, through an online chat incorporated in its system where you can make video calls totally free of charge.
Currently there are different ways to enter the social network account, all of them are really easy to carry out, this can be done through your Smartphone, your computer or directly from the browser. This will allow you to enjoy all the services offered by this page, where you can share any kind of information with your friends.
If you are one of the people who have an iPhone you also have two possibilities to access your account, like Android devices you can enter through the platform application or mobile browser.
This is another of the most used and known ways by all users of the platform to access it, as in mobile devices you can connect in two ways, either using one of the Internet browsers or if you have a computer with Windows operating system you can download the platform application.

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Another change that was made was the elimination of the gray-colored badges for pages, which were devised in order to show the authenticity of these pages, and not to be confused with the blue-colored badges, which are given to pages of celebrities or recognized brands.
«Post frequently: don’t worry about over-posting. The goal of the news feed is to show each person the most relevant story, so it’s not guaranteed that all your posts will appear in their feeds.»
The social network does not want to lag behind in terms of technological devices and during October introduced Portal Home and Portal +, two devices very similar to Amazon Echo: they are similar to a tablet and with them you can make video calls with friends and family via Messenger.
Creating events is easier for pages from now on, so in addition to making it much easier to find things to do in the users’ environment, it is also much easier to buy tickets for concerts or various celebrations.


4. Your students can ask you questions about their homework or any questions outside of school hours and in a personal way through the email function, which facilitates communication with those students who feel self-conscious in class.
7. Parents can see what is going on in class (events, activities, discussions…) and understand that social forums can benefit students if we explain how to use them and set boundaries so that a professional teacher-student relationship is maintained.
14. You can create events and share them with parents and students quickly: quarterly meetings, exam dates, field trips, celebrations, etc. and when the time comes send reminders and see who is attending or who has not yet confirmed.

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