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In the end, it is a good film, but I was not particularly “sensitized” by it, but I am left with the originality and the characteristic humor of this genius, who in an autobiographical way narrates his amorous adventures.
In my opinion, if I were told the script of this film, I think I would be quite reluctant to decide whether to see it or not. An unattractive plot but nevertheless, I have seen it, and the truth is, I am left with a good taste in my mouth, as the two actresses turn a film likely to be boring or bland into a great film quite interesting. Both Judi Dench (superb performance) and Cate Blanchet (superb performance) manage to keep the viewer attentive to the dalliances of the teacher and the obsession written in prose of the lesbian granny. Not to be missed.

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Let me start by asking all vapers to raise their hands (30 hands go up). Now I ask you to keep your hand up those of you who use most of the time an electronic cigarette manufactured by the tobacco industry (all hands drop except for two people smiling).
I come from Australia where I am a full time physician. Australia is defined as the country of the e-cigarette ban. They often try to make e-cigarette synonymous with “Tobacco Industry”. Did you know that in Australia, possession of e-liquids for electronic cigarette with nicotine is punishable by the same penalties as possession of heroin?
I became interested in the e-cigarette when the heavy smokers in my clinic started quitting with it. I began to be fascinated by the idea of a transformation, a paradigm shift in the way people quit smoking. Instead of the whole process of quitting being a cause of deprivation, it could become exciting and fun. Who thought quitting smoking could be “fun”?

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Another great and hilarious moment that the nights of the first season of Primetime left us. This time, a listener sends us an audio from Cuba, which, in the heat of the summer heat had a friction with a person of his close circle in the bus. …
New week of adventures and misadventures of the Mondo Danko Primetime team. On this occasion we will comment on the absurdity of the man who disinfected the subway station of Bilbao and that has caused LOL’s everywhere. In addition, we will incorporate Joe Spinell from Podcast Stallion Chihuahua to the final debate to talk about the …
Confessions return to Primetime, through a listener from Argentina who asks Faith for advice, we will trigger a series of events and anecdotes reinforced by all the listeners who listen to us live from twitch in a war that will end on a high note between a cat lying down or a …
We give you a spoiler-free review of the new Marvel Studios movie starring Scarlett Johansson – BLACK WINDOW. Plus, we talk about how the Disney+ series, Loki, is coming to an end. Almost unintentionally we discover the low-frequency oratory abilities of Faith Hyden, which will rock us to our …

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For all this, we thought that a good way to make sure that our stories reach those who are looking for them is to resort to crowdfunding, and at the same time be closer to you, dear followers.
And for those of you who already know us, but always want to read more, we know that the following reward will make your teeth long: the whole second volume of Sicarios in paper and digital plus the whole first volume of Tigre Callejero in paper and digital.
For those of you who are new to the adventures of Sicarios, the next thing we want to reward you with is 4 more comics, belonging to Volume 1 of this same collection of Sicarios, in landscape comic format with 32 pages…. in full color!!!. This first volume has been published with great success in the English magazine Aces Weekly, edited by David Lloyd himself (V for Vendetta).
Currently, with Zona 00 Cómics we have been present in many comic shows with different works among which is Sicarios and Ertito Montana has been awarded in 2018 as Future Comic Talent at Comic Con Valencia. This has made us grow and keep working to offer more stories and entertainment to our readers.

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