Frases bonitas con imagenes gratis

Beautiful images with phrases

Instagram has become the social network that we all use to share photos and inspiration. In a previous post I collected some of the most famous travel phrases and as it seems to have liked now I share in general terms phrases for Instagram.
What better way to start this section of phrases for Instagram than with positive messages. If you are going through a bad moment or if you want to share your positivity with the world, choose one of these phrases:
Why lie to us, there are people who say things much better than us. So in this section we have borrowed some of the top famous quotes for Instagram, which one do you like the most?
As I mentioned above, you can download completely free, a collection of images for you to share so you can have nice quotes for Instagram. To download the file, click on the right button:
Love phrases for Instagram could not be missing. And is that, much of the beautiful photos we see in this social network have to do with our love relationships. Here we leave you the beautiful phrases for Instagram related to love:

Reflection phrases with images

To be present on the good moments as well as in the bad ones to lift your spirits and to be able to say all the nice things you can think of as well as to dedicate funny images that will bring a smile to that person you want to fall in love with on this special day.
Expressing your feelings is something wonderful but it is nicer when you make him/her happy and transmit that happiness in its totality, since everything is simple since the phrases are free and the actions are only the will to do it.
A big mistake of many boyfriends is only send a message of love to his girlfriend when it is Valentine’s Day but you have to understand that you have to live every day as if it were Valentine’s Day to motivate the other person and nurture that love.
You have different opportunities to show your true feeling to your loved one but only the purest thoughts will make you convey what you really want from this new relationship as a couple.
The beautiful phrases that may have a sentence is the fruit of cultivating beautiful thoughts about that person to whom you give yourself and that is not easy especially for the times we live in.

Beautiful images without letters

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Beautiful images of reflection

WhatsApp also allows us to describe our status and, although most users only use it to inform where they are or availability, there are also many others who use this option to make people smile, think or provide information about their person in a very special way.
With WhatsApp we can change our status often, depending on your mood or depending on what you want to say that day. To do this, we go to → Settings → Status → click on the pencil and enter the WhatsApp phrase that most represents us at that precise moment.
If you do not know what to write as status, take a look at all the cute whatsapp phrases that we have compiled for you, you will surely find the one that suits you best. In a few seconds, you can have your personalized message as status.
Among the statuses you find below, there are also images with writing. Obviously, you can copy and use these phrases as you prefer. As a status, as a WhatsApp message or SMS, or on other social networks. Just select the text or image with phrase, copy and paste.