Tik tok graciosos españa

Tik tok graciosos españa

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And what do the tiktokers tell in that minute of time limit that the application offers them? Estela Ortiz, an expert in digital ethnographies and responsible for the selection of tiktoks in the PUBER exhibition in Barcelona, explained to Verne that young people “talk about their vulnerabilities and insecurities, but not in a victimizing way, but naturalizing them, using irony, with a very intelligent humor, with many layers”.
Many of the comic videos that can be seen in the application joke or ironize about real day-to-day situations: those that occur at home, in class…. This is what is known in English as relatable humor or memes, situations with which many users can identify.
In TikTok we also find the opposite extreme: that of the absurd. “Absurdity is already part of the millennial and centennial imaginary due to the historical context we are living in. You have to take it with humor,” Ortiz told Verne. This type of comedy resorts to surprising endings (videos that end unexpectedly) or surreal situations, many of them recreated with the help of another of the platform’s tools: filters. Thanks, for example, to the green screen (which allows the background of a video to be replaced by an image selected by the user), tiktokers can place the action of their videos anywhere: a medieval castle, a cemetery, the border with Morocco… or the sky itself.

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Julia Menu Garcia. 19 million followers and more than 800 billion likes. Humor and entertainment, with sketches about everyday life: life as a couple, family situations, ridiculous moments… Julia has been the creator of a type of entertainment content that the Zeta Generation loves and that until now had not been exploited in any social network.
Samuel López. 17 million followers and more than 600 billion likes. The origins of TikTok and Musical.ly can be found in Samuel’s profile, which differs from the rest of the dance profiles in its professionalism, with very expert moves that have millions of users hooked.
Victor Perez. 8 million followers and over 200 billion likes. Victor is really popular on the platform, mainly due to his attitude and physique, which makes him have a large majority of female audience always watching his videos.
Martínez Twins. 8 million followers and more than 90 billion likes. Having a twin creates an opportunity to stand out in TikTok. The Martínez Twins have taken advantage of it and, just like the Twin Melody, they play a lot with this characteristic in their content, in their case with dances, jokes and humor. Fame came to these two brothers in part due to their friendship with YouTuber Jake Paul.

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Surely you know it because it is not the first time we talk about it. It is a social app of Chinese origin that is growing by leaps and bounds around the world (it has about 500 million active users per month). In it users can upload videos up to 15 seconds long, and they do it singing, doing playbacks or dancing… A kind of mix between Snapchat and Vine for short videos.
We review them below. Some of them you will know because they were in our previous 2018 ranking, although the vast majority are new faces that have crept into TikTok and judging by their follower figures, they promise to be more than just a fad.
Martina’s fun is the TikTok account of @martinadant, which you can also see on other platforms such as Youtube. Through her videos with covers of different songs, she already accumulates two million fans.
One place has dropped with respect to 2018 the Barcelona-born Jan Cutillas. This tiktoker does not exactly covers songs, but funny sketches, and the truth is that he sweeps on this social platform : 1.1 million followers (almost two thousand more than in the previous ranking) and 8 million hearts.

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Trends Ten tiktokers that make you burst out laughing with their videos TikTok is becoming more and more popular and there is content of all kinds on it, including humor that is never missing. These tiktokers found the best way to do it.
Every social network has its “influencers”. If we talk about TikTok and humor, there are many people who are dedicated to make their followers laugh on this social network. In this opportunity, 10 tiktokers were selected whose videos circulate at the speed of light until they reach all cell phones looking to pass the time and let out a few laughs, especially because many times they identify with what they see.
To begin with, the definition of “tiktoker” is easy, since it is someone who generates content and then uploads it to their TikTok profile. However, they are not considered as such until they have a large number of followers and are considered “famous” within the application.

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