Desinstalar adobe flash player

Is it ok to uninstall adobe flash player

Adobe has begun to issue alerts on the use of Flash Player in Windows recommending the uninstallation of this multimedia player and plug-in that has been used for decades to add multimedia content to the Web and the necessary advertising that has been the livelihood of millions of pages.
That’s the thing about adopting closed formats that end up compromising an entire industry, in this case the entire Web, no less. Let’s hope that the industry has learned its lesson and the commitment to open standards (much easier to support, improve and secure in a communal way, or to change to another standard if necessary) is the norm to follow.
All the technology companies have launched migration programs to other more secure, modern and open formats such as HTML5. Microsoft detailed in September its plans to definitively eliminate Flash Player from all versions of Windows. Something that is done very simply, but manually:
Microsoft will offer in the future this update through Windows Update and in a general way for all users, but for the moment you have to perform the process manually.  It should be noted that this update only removes the internal version of Flash Player installed on Windows systems.

No puedo desinstalar adobe flash player

Un plazo de más de tres años de duración llega a su fin a finales de 2020. Ya en 2017, la multinacional de software informático conocida como Adobe anunció que pondría fin al soporte y la compatibilidad de una de sus aplicaciones más longevas: Adobe Flash Player.
Para aclarar, Adobe Flash Player será desactivado por defecto a partir de enero de 2021. Cualquier versión anterior a la KB4561600 (que fue lanzada en junio de 2020) será bloqueada y dejará de funcionar por sí misma. Con el fin de la compatibilidad de Flash, desaparecerá de los navegadores y sitios web más populares.
Como plataforma de software multimedia popular, Adobe Flash se utilizaba principalmente para crear aplicaciones de escritorio, varios estilos de animación, aplicaciones para móviles, juegos de ordenador y mucho más. Lanzado originalmente en enero de 1996, las aplicaciones producidas con este software podían verse en ordenadores domésticos, portátiles y otros dispositivos móviles.
Durante muchos años, Flash Player fue el programa más utilizado cuando una persona o empresa quería crear elementos de interfaz gráfica de usuario (GUI), juegos en línea y otras animaciones. Se utilizaba con frecuencia para diversos formatos que incluían datos y funciones multimedia.

Uninstall adobe flash player chrome

Although it may not seem like it, today is an important day for the internet because it is the first day in which all web content compatible with Adobe Flash is no longer operational. It doesn’t work. It’s dead. After a quarter century of history, the old web page content player has been deactivated and browsers like Chrome, Edge or Safari no longer take any notice of them. So it has officially become a dead technology.
And there was no shortage of content developed around this plugin. Banners of all kinds, flash games (as they were called in the early history of the Internet) or entire pages already outdated and abandoned that had been programmed with what in the 90s seemed to many the technology of the future. Or don’t you remember the crashes and restarts caused by the player all the time?
So, it’s time to delete the plugin you have installed on your computer, since you will not use it again because the new browsers already block by default the loading of any of these contents. To do this, you simply have to go to the “Control Panel” of Windows 10 and select the option “uninstall application”.

How to uninstall adobe flash player on chromebook

That is why little by little its use has been falling in favor of HTML5, among others, until finally Adobe announced its definitive end. For all these reasons, there are fewer and fewer websites that use Flash, since practically all of them have abandoned its use. And it should be noted that since December 31, 2020, Adobe no longer sends Flash Player updates, and does not allow downloading from scratch, so the most advisable thing to do is to absolutely update it.
“Since Adobe no longer supports Flash Player after December 31, 2020, it has been blocked from running Flash content in Flash Player since January 12, 2021, Adobe strongly recommends that all users uninstall Flash Player immediately to help protect their systems.”
It also warns us that some users may still see reminders to uninstall Adobe Flash Player from their system, as not only are we not going to be able to download it, but it’s also not possible to update it if we have it installed. Not even through the Windows Update feature of Windows 10 we will not be able to update it, once it has been left without official support.