Hide read for whatsapp

Hide read for whatsapp

How to disable the seen in whatsapp

The reasons may be several, but the thing is that we can not always or want to respond immediately to a WhatsApp message. And of course, if the other person has seen that you have read it but you do not respond there may be resentment, so it may be better to disable the read confirmation to avoid such situations.
From now on, when you read a message to the other person will no longer appear the double blue check that warns you of your reading. However, if you deactivate this option, you will not be able to see the reading confirmations of others, so you will not know if someone has read your message.

Whatsapp reading confirmations

Something that might have seemed unimaginable until recently becomes a reality with the tricks that we are going to mention. You can listen to the audio of any person on WhatsApp without this person knowing. Many people send audios in their communications to discover that the person has received and read their messages, a clear giveaway until now. If you want to know what the content of an audio is because you are curious, but you do not want the other person to know, you can do it.
But things change when what they send us is an audio message or voice note from WhatsApp. On this occasion, if we have disabled the reading confirmations, the double blue check does not appear to the person who sends us the message until we do not play the audio, however, the trick of activating the airplane mode does not work with voice memos. Even if we activate the airplane mode and play the audio, when we activate it again, it will detect that we have listened to it and will show the double blue check to the person who sent it to us.

How to change the reading confirmation in whatsapp

The second mode, although perhaps not very discreet, also allows us to read messages from outside the app and in this case complete, not as in the notification center. For the messages to reach us complete in pop-up mode on Android we will go through Settings > Notifications > Pop-up notification and select ‘Always show pop-up’.
In the case of iOS, the steps are similar. Within the WhatsApp application, we will go to Settings > Notifications > In-app notifications > and select the ‘Alerts’ option so that the message arrives in full window mode on the screen of our cell phone.
As we said, it is somewhat dangerous because once we have read the message we can not forget to exit the WhatsApp application completely; if we reactivate our terminal while inside it, the message will be marked as read and nothing of what has been applied will have been of any use.
If you are really fed up with the control in WhatsApp and want to disable the tedious blue check forever, even if it means not seeing the check of others, you can do it very simply. On Android you must go through Settings > Account > Privacy > Messaging and once here we will disable the reading confirmations.

Whatsapp: how to know if they read your message even if they have the double blue check mark off

If you do not want people you talk to by WhastApp see your profile picture you have as an option, simpler impossible, not to put profile picture to your WhatsApp or put a picture any that does not represent anything.
But if you want to put photo, you have different options when choosing who can see it. Go to settings on the main screen (the three vertical dots that appear at the top right of the screen where you see all the messages on your WhatsApp). Click on account and then on privacy (the first option).
There inside choose the profile picture option and there you can select if you want everyone to see it, only your contacts or no one. If you don’t want one or more of your contacts to see it but you want the rest to see it, you can delete those people from your phone’s address book. They don’t have to know that you have done it.
One of the most popular is Flychat. It allows the user to hide this information and takes up little space in a device’s memory. You should note that there are apps in the app stores for users to keep track of the ‘Online’ status that WhatsApp offers every time we connect.

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