How to hack a website

hacking web pages with sql injection (sql injection)

A web application (also known as a website) is an application based on the client-server model. The server provides access to the database and business logic. It is hosted on a web server. The client application runs in the client’s web browser.
A web application is based on the server-client model. The client side uses the web browser to access resources on the server.Web applications are usually accessible over the Internet. This makes them vulnerable to attacks.
SQL injection : sanitizing and validating user parameters before sending them to the database for processing can help reduce the chances of being attacked through SQL injection.
Form manipulation : the goal of this threat is to modify form data, such as prices, in e-commerce applications so that the attacker can obtain items at reduced prices.
Code injection: the goal of this threat is to inject code such as PHP, Python, etc. that can be executed on the server. The code can install backdoors, reveal sensitive information, etc.

using kali linux against a web page

To protect the network security of a company or institution, it is best to be aware of the risks to which it is exposed. Becoming familiar with the possible types of attacks and malicious techniques used by the dreaded computer hackers is the best way to deal with them.
Another focus of the course is learning how to make decisions when it comes to safeguarding sensitive information such as confidential customer data or data belonging to your own business or institution. At the same time, it will be shown how to plan a correct control over security-oriented measures, which translates into an important benefit for the company.

how to hack into any computer system (simulation)

Hacking a website by external means does not necessarily require specialized knowledge. It is enough to have the appropriate software. Usually the target of this type of hacking are adult payment sites, which provide users who have paid for the service with an ID and a password. But there are many other types of sites that use such features: from banks that provide restricted access to their customers to operate, websites that provide specialized information or download programs for a fee, to even programming errors in portals. This is often (or used to be) the case with portals built with PHP Nuke.
PHP Nuke is basically a web content generator; a pre-assembled portal, to which the administrator can change graphics and content without knowledge of html, and which is very popular because it is free. The problem is that to manage the portal, PHP Nuke uses a web interface that, through login and password, accesses the page where the rest of the site is controlled. Finding out the URL of the page that allows access to the administration is to discover the access door to control the site. It only remains to get the id and password to control the portal.

hacking web servers #hackandbeers

Note: This chapter is the first in a series of – for now – two chapters. The second is an article specializing in identifying potential vulnerabilities, how to hack web pages (fingerprinting and information gathering).
There are many tools nowadays to find vulnerabilities in a website. If a website uses an old version of a CMS, which we can determine using a tool like Wappalizer or WhatWeb (see the second chapter of the series), the issue is simpler. It is very important nowadays to keep our software up to date. Otherwise, an attacker could look in the changelog of our CMS for vulnerability fixes in versions later than the one we currently have.
There are also other tools to hack websites, but today I will choose to explain what kind of vulnerabilities can be found on a website in a more «artisanal» way. This article does not propose to demonstrate a new type of vulnerability, nor does it pretend to be the demonstration of a very advanced knowledge. It is simply a basic explanation of some types of vulnerabilities that can be found on a website and how an attacker would exploit them. Basically, it is about:

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