Make money with clicks

How to earn money by clicking on advertising

Surely you have ever wondered how is it that there are people who earn money online, is it true? is it a scam? what is the trick if there is one? how do they pay? and many other things that perhaps either by ignorance or distrust we do not get to deepen at all.
Well, according to my own experience let me tell you that you can indeed make money on the internet and there are many ways to do it according to the skills you have, the time you invest and obviously the circumstances and the work you put in.
PAY PER CLICK (PTC): One of the best ways to earn money at this date is through PTC sites (Pay to Click) or pay per click that as its acronym indicates you earn money by clicking on advertisements that last between 3 and 60 seconds. This way of earning money is the activity par excellence for all beginners in the world of internet income because the time invested is minimal and you do not need to know absolutely nothing, just click on a link and leave the page open for a few seconds.

Make money clicking paypal 2020

And I stop for a second, because surely some will think that a CTR of 1% is too little. It is the opposite, a quite generous percentage. Users are very used to advertising and avoid it. There are even millions who have installed a program to block ads.
With these data, you would get about 1000 clicks each month, at an average payment of 10 cents, i.e. an income of 100€ per month. I don’t know if you think this is too little or too much. You can get better results, but it is also quite likely that you will charge much less.
Other techniques consist of choosing very neutral ad colors, so that they look like contents of the same page, and that when the user clicks, he does not have the feeling of clicking on an ad.

How to make money on infolinks

Have you ever thought about making money online, but instead of using the usual ways, such as affiliate programs or setting up your own online store, you simply have to click on ads on pages? Yes, this is also a viable way to start earning a good income online.
To help you understand how PTC (Pay to Click) or GPT (Get Paid To) sites work, we have created a list of the top 10 websites to earn money by clicking on ads. Take a look at all the options and explore the differences in each of the alternatives.
NeoBux is an excellent choice among the websites to earn money by clicking on ads. The amount of money you can receive depends on your type of registration on the platform, as well as the quality and type of ad you are clicking on.
On the plus side, there is no limit to the number of ads you can click on daily or the income you can generate. The minimum amount for the first payment is $2 and they pay mainly through Skrill and Neteller platforms. Access the official page.

Pay-per-click companies

This time I want to recommend you a new site where you can earn money reading emails. The page is called Clicks Genie and it works for the whole world. That is, you can participate from any country.
Clicks Genie has a very simple way of proceeding. The way it works to earn money is as follows. Every day they send you advertising emails to your email. You have to click on the link that appears in these emails to access the advertiser’s page. Once on the page, you have to wait for the top left side to load 100%. It usually takes about 30 seconds and it is possible that the first time we are asked to solve a captcha to prove that we are not a robot. At that moment they will add the corresponding money for the reading of the mail.
How many emails do you send per day? I usually receive 4-5 emails per day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I don’t know if it has something to do with the country of origin or if they send the same amount of emails to all users. And how much do they pay for each email? I usually receive mails valued at 0.001$. In the image below you can see the emails I have read during the same day.