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Theoretical and practical workshop to write lyrics for all rhythms and musical genres. This workshop aims at technical training, mastery of poetic resources and fundamentally to the production of songs. letras de canciones

This selection of national and international songs performed by artists and groups as different as Rosana, Fangoria, Coldplay and Pet Shop Boys, among others, are sure to help you face confinement with greater optimism thanks to their motivational and inspiring lyrics and melodies.
1. “Viva la vida”, by ColdplayIt is a generational anthem, and although its lyrics revolve around King Louis XVI of France and his fall at the beginning of the French Revolution, its title is taken from a lively painting by Frida Khalo. The martial touch of its melody makes us rise several meters above the ground to shout “I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing / Roman cavalry choirs are singing”. Not in vain, Guardiola’s Barça used it to win a Champions League.
3. “Go west”, by Pet Shop BoysIf “Viva la vida” has certain warlike notes, “Go west” by Pet Shop Boys -not so much the original version, the one by Village People- puts us directly in the arms, in full military march, “weapons” as valuable as hope and freedom. “Where the air is free / We’ll be what we want to be / Now, if we take a stand / We’ll find our promised land.” A gay anthem closely linked to San Francisco that, paradoxically, has its origin in a call to colonize the western United States.

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If you want to publish the lyrics of your songs on the different collaborating platforms, we recommend MUSIXMATCH and Lyricfind. Do you prefer to see this information in a video? Click here to see one on Musixmatch.
The link above will take you to the Musixmatch platform to claim your artist profile. Once you claim your artist profile on Musixmatch, you will get “curator” status. This means that the lyrics you submit through your profile are more reliable and the approval process will be accelerated. Only after Musixmatch approves the lyrics will they be available on the various platforms.
You will need to create a Musixmatch account to which to associate your artist profile. It’s similar to when you need a Spotify account before claiming a Spotify for Artist account as an artist.    It doesn’t matter if you create your Musixmatch account before or during the process of claiming your artist profile.

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The program also gives you the option to recognize the song and provide you with the title. You can even understand the lyrics of those that are in another language, as there are translations available for some of the songs in its extensive catalog. You can use it in its web version as well as download it on most platforms: Windows 8, Mac, Spotify, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
This other application is powered by user collaborations and its main attraction compared to other apps is that you can access anecdotes and information provided by the singers to better understand their songs.
Who doesn’t have Shazam on their mobile to identify that song that is playing but doesn’t know the title? Well, in case you didn’t know, through it you can also read the lyrics of your favorite songs. And if it is not available in its extensive music library, it gives you the option to find it on the Internet.
Letras Mania also recognizes the song and shows you its title, it also has a ranking with the most searched songs. The option to create a postcard with one of the verses to send to your friends is another of its features. Available for iOS and Android.