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On the other hand, to rest well you have to “turn off the switch” of the mind. And that is not achieved with visual stimuli from the screens, but with boring and monotonous routines before bedtime, such as preparing the next day’s clothes, cleaning the skin of the face, or a relaxing activity such as meditating or reading a book.

DGLimages / Getty Images/iStockphotoTo improve our awakening, the researcher recommends doing it with time, programming two alarms: one twenty minutes before the time we have to get up and another at which the alarm clock would normally ring.

A good way to facilitate wakefulness, to make the body “wake up”, is to reduce the external temperature of the skin. Although there are many ways to do this, the researcher proposes to do it by stepping on the floor with bare feet because the feet contain very efficient nerve endings for temperature regulation, so the cold floor will awaken our senses.

stevecoleimages / Getty ImagesAnother very effective method to lower skin temperature and help us wake up and clear our minds is to wash our face with cold water, which refreshes -physically and mentally- immediately.

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The normal thing when waking up is that our blood pressure rises. But there are some hypotensive people who suffer the so-called syncope due to low blood pressure, which prevents the brain from being well irrigated when waking up.

Hypothyroidism implies a lower secretion of thyroid hormones and therefore a deficient functioning that among other symptoms is shown in the morning tiredness. Sometimes subclinical hypothyroidism is sufficient.

Iron deficiency is directly related to many physiological functions, including the efficiency of red blood cells to capture oxygen. If we are low in iron, we will probably oxygenate worse and sleep worse. We will wake up tired.

Trankimazin, Valium, Orfidal and other benzodiazepines can have excessive hypnotic effects, as well as hypotensive effects, so if we take them and they produce side effects, we can suffer a lot to be able to get up. Also antidepressants derived from trazodone have similar side effects.

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During the night, the body makes different processes of repair and regeneration of the organs. If you tend to wake up in a particular time slot for weeks it can mean an overload in a particular organ.

Intestinal candidiasis is a hidden problem that is more widespread than we think. Once in the intestines, these fungi can turn into a fungal mycelium that penetrates the mucosa and can generate intestinal permeability and toxicity.

The prestigious doctor Lena Mercadal comments that “if you have ever suffered from the mononucleosis virus, it is most likely that in the future you will have intestinal candida and you will feel sad, tired, down and anxious”. You will be able to tell if a blood test looks for Epstein-Barr or cytomegalovirus antibodies.

Lack of serotonin is one of the most studied causes of insomnia today. It can be seen with a blood test if there is a deficit, but it is more complicated to see if it is really being absorbed well or if the serotonin crosses the blood-brain barrier correctly.

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If you have insomnia and think this may be causing your morning headaches, don’t nap during the day and try to maintain a strict routine around bedtime and wake-up time.

It is unclear why you may wake up with a cluster headache, but they are linked to a part of the brain (hypothalamus) that is involved in regulating your biological clock (circadian rhythms).

If you think you have a cluster headache and have not had one before, consult your doctor. He or she will be able to rule out other underlying pathologies and may prescribe pain medication, as you may need a stronger dose to treat a cluster headache.

Most headaches are not a cause for concern and can be treated at home with pain relievers. Talk to your pharmacist or physician for guidance on whether to use these medications and how to obtain and use them.

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