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What does Huatulco mean?  The meaning of Huatulco, Coatulco or Guatulco is, “place where the wood is worshipped or revered”, because it is composed of the voice “Quahuilt” which means wood, by the verse Toloa, which is to bow by lowering the head and by the syllable “Co” denoting place.
Some historians believe that this man may have been St. Thomas, one of Christ’s apostles, who crossed Asia to finally reach the Land of Anahuac, as this area was then called. Another reference to St. Thomas is a footprint left by a foot on a huge rounded rock called “Piedra de Moros”, near the village with the same name. near the village of the same name.

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Do you have a pirate soul? Sail the waters of the bay of Cartagena de Indias with this tour aboard a pirate ship. You will visit the Fort of San Fernando and the private beach of Boca Chica, a must!
Set sail at sunset on an unforgettable cruise and discover the true story behind the pirates of Cartagena. Take beautiful pictures and enjoy the breathtaking views of the bay while enjoying delicious drinks from the open bar.
Throughout the experience you will be served pirate punch and pirate lemonade, drinks made with fruit punch, coconut lemonade, rum and aguardiente. Return around 7 p.m. to the Pegasus Pier.
Set sail in a replica of a British pirate ship to Fort San Fernando de Bocahica to enjoy a traditional and delicious Cartagena lunch on the beach. Learn the true stories of Cartagena’s pirates while enjoying an open lemonade bar or alcoholic beverages.

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On Monday, the National Communications Commission ordered Internet service providers to block The Pirate Bay page following a judge’s order in a case brought by CAPIF (the Argentinean association of record labels) against the site.
This Monday was announced an order from the National Communications Commission for the companies that provide Internet services to block The Pirate Bay page following a judge’s order in a case created by CAPIF (the Argentine association of record labels) against such site.
You can also create your own “mirror” of The Pirate Bay to help others. Or you can laugh at the fact that CAPIF itself has a mirror of The Pirate Bay on its website. Whatever you do, remember that once something is on the Web, it’s copied. Fighting that is impossible. The bits will win every time.
If you’ve made it this far, it’s because you’re interested in rigorous information, because you value having another look beyond the daily bombardment of the vast majority of the media. NOTAS Periodismo Popular counts on you to renew itself every day. Defend the other point of view.

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The Pirate Bay tracker supports half of the world’s Torrent download traffic and the fact that it will no longer be in operation as it is now is a big change and users will notice its absence at first.  In fact, there are already users who have collected 21.3 Gbytes of links from the tracker to be operational after the closure of the tracker. However, if The Pirate Bay stops offering its service as we know it, it is not the end of the world.  Let’s take a look at the different options offered by the network today.
The Pirate Bay offered a complete solution that included a Torrent search engine, Torrent indexer and a functional tracker open to all for peer-to-peer sharing. There are only four options on the market that offer a full alternative:
Those sites have Torrent file directories but do not offer an open tracker service for all files. Mininova has a tracker but only allows use of the tracker for Torrents selected by them.