La guerra del planeta delos simios pelicula completa en español

La guerra del planeta delos simios pelicula completa en español en línea

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Let’s start with a clarification: this film has nothing to do – or very little, as the fact that the ape Caesar is the protagonist – with The Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1973), in its original title, «Battle For The Planet Of The Apes», the film that ended the classic ape saga to the greatest glory of dystopian sci-fi. But it is the logical continuation of the brutal Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), both signed (script and direction) by Matt Reeves, both at the plot level – the film starts with the apes led by Caesar hiding in the forest, which try to hunt down a group of soldiers led by a Colonel (no more name) unhinged, which gives life to a Woody Harrelson in a state of grace; as aesthetic (background and form): the war between apes and humans is marked by the tragic human ethics, the bottomless evil of the Colonel (and. ..

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When the group arrives at the facility, Luca is killed by the paramilitary while protecting Cesar, who, determined to go alone, is captured by the gorilla named Red, after witnessing how the imprisoned apes work in slavery conditions, without water or food, building a wall and the rebels hung as scarecrows after being tortured. Caesar’s clan had been captured by the Alpha-Omega faction and Caesar, noticing the harsh conditions in which the apes were building the wall, demanded food and water in order to finish the wall, which the Colonel refused and the apes, led by his daughter-in-law Lake, decided to continue working in the face of the Colonel’s threat to kill Caesar. That same night Caesar is brought before the Colonel who reveals to him that the simian flu virus has mutated and now causes the humans it infects to become mute and return to a primitive state. He also tells him that he is protecting himself from other military factions that want to overthrow him, as he is in favor of killing all infected humans (including his own son, whom he has already killed) and destroying their contaminated belongings in order to prevent the spread of the virus. The colonel, despite being an admirer of generals and other war heroes, agrees to Caesar’s request to give food and water to the apes in order to finish the wall.

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