Background music for videos

Free music for videos

One of the strong points of ccMixter is that you don’t even have to create a user account to download the songs. At the top right there is a search engine where you can enter a specific term.

As its name suggests, YouTube Audio Library is a library where we will find songs and sound effects that we can include without problem in our videos. Hundreds of tracks that can be filtered by genre, duration, etc.

NoiseTrade is a platform that seeks to promote independent artists. By providing your email address you will receive emails with songs that you can freely use in your projects.

The name of this site also makes it quite clear. On Free Stock Music we have access to hundreds of free audio tracks in MP3, WAV and AIFF. You don’t need to assign the rights but to download the songs you need to create a free account.

Background music for educational videos

Let’s take a hypothetical situation again. You want to paint a wall in your home to serve as an accent. Now, you simply don’t rush to Home Depot and start looking at every paint sample available, do you?

Once you have everything in place and are satisfied with your setup and the result, it’s time to process the video and export it to your computer storage. To do this, click the «Export» option and then, from the pop-up window that appears, opt for the file format you want, then click «OK» to start exporting your video.

By any chance, if we haven’t mentioned any of your favorite occasions, feel free to let us know in the comments section below. We’d be more than happy to hear about your experiences with the video creation process.

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Songs for memory videos

As with the previous application, it comes from the same composer: «Moby», who makes his works available to independent freelance creators, students and anyone who wants to create a non-profit clip.

As its name suggests, Free Music Archive or simply FMA, is a platform where composers can upload their royalty-free audio so that other content creators can use them in their different professional projects.

A great alternative to search for those clips that would give a special appeal to the project you’ve been working on for months. You don’t even have to give credit if you don’t want to, although it never hurts to attribute them.

On this platform you can find thousands of artists willing to share their audios, and with whom you can get in touch to collaborate, something like what happens with Sound Cloud, as both pages have real «jewels».

Icon8 is an alternative that you can use to download a wide variety of free audiovisual content, however, it has a drawback: the free options it offers are only available for non-commercial use.

Songs for photo videos

In a good video, YouTube or otherwise, the video channel is just as important as the audio channel. What’s more, a bad soundtrack can wreck a great story and vice versa, a mediocre video can grab attention thanks to the background sound.

This has been true since sound was first introduced into film, but even if we know the theory by heart, it’s not always possible to have a good composer or the right song.

Adobe Spark is a free tool that allows you to create pages to create interactive stories, images optimized for social networks and videos that can be shared in different formats using photos, clips or sounds stored on your smartphone or computer.

Next to each song we will see the author’s name. We can click on it to see more songs by the same. In addition, each song shows descriptive tags, duration and bpm (beats per minute).

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