Free audio books online

Free audio books online

Free audiobooks in spanish human voice

For these people and for those who want to enjoy good stories while doing domestic activities, such as cleaning the house or doing gymnastics, or for those who simply want to recover a pleasure that is generally enjoyed only during childhood, there is a very valuable alternative: audiobooks. That is, the recording of stories read aloud by other people and that can be listened to whenever you want.
Among the most popular platforms that market these products are Storytel, Audible (belonging to Amazon), Audioteka and Sonolibro. But there are also sites and applications that allow you to access audiobooks for free. Below is a list of ten options.

Free audiobooks

Before explaining how to download podcasts or audiobooks on Audible, let’s go over some details about Amazon’s service: on which devices we can use Audible or download books on Audible, how much it costs to listen to audiobooks or how we can try it for free.
You can also have Audible on Alexa if you have an Echo device, whatever model you have. Just tell it “Alexa, read Alice in Wonderland” or control playback and reading with commands like “Alexa, what audiobooks do I have?” or “Alexa, read faster”, “Alexa, turn the page”. And automatically the speaker will start playing the content and reading it anywhere.
The Audible subscription is priced at €9.99 per month but you can get three months of Audible free if you’re an Amazon Prime customer or 30 days of Audible free if you’re not an Amazon Prime customer but sign in with your Amazon account. Once those three months or 30 days free are over you will not be able to enjoy them months later again.

Best free audiobooks

Books to be read, listened to while reading, and downloaded in Mp3 format. Hundreds of files at your disposal, FREE, for personal use only. The page is updated almost daily with new additions to the catalog.
LibriVox audiobooks are read by volunteers from all over the world. LibriVox audiobooks are free for anyone to listen to, on their computers, iPods or other mobile devices, or to burn to CD. The vast majority of their content is royalty-free and open source.
Open Culture has compiled the same audiobooks offered elsewhere online, and compiled them into a browseable list. You’ll still find many of the same classics offered elsewhere, though.
If you open Spotify, click on “Browse” (in the browser on the left), and then scroll down to “Word,” you’ll find a number of free audiobook collections. You don’t need a subscription to listen to them.
It consists of the creation of a bank of sound stories to facilitate access to reading to all those people who for whatever reason (mobility problems, vision, hospitalization, etc.) can not make use of the books in municipal libraries, and of course for anyone who wants to listen to them.  Podcast in IVOOX of Red de Bibliotecas de Lorca – Contact us

Free audiobooks amazon

It is a site in English from where you can download a wide variety of free audiobooks that allows you to listen to them online to get an idea of what they are about. On the page you can also download the books in parts and enjoy PDF versions (this is only for some specific cases).
It is one of the most original pages of the list as well as one of the most innovative in the audiobooks segment. The stories or contents offered are broadcasted daily in the best style of a radio theater with actors’ voices that give a more attractive touch to the listening.
It offers hundreds of audiobooks in podcast format and presented in a very neat site. The podcasts can be downloaded or received via RSS and it is even possible to buy an eBook version. Each of the titles has its corresponding synopsis and the integrated search engine of the page is of great help to find what you are looking for.
It is a site specialized in children and has an interesting catalog of audiobooks with classic stories that are renewed frequently. The site is available in several languages and is a very interesting resource for educators.

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