How to publish a book

How to publish a children’s book

The answer is very simple, not as simple as it might seem at first glance. With the advent of digital printing, publishing a book has been democratized. Now publishing a book is within the reach of almost everyone and with Letras de Autor it is easy and fast.
The price of publishing an average book of 100 pages and about 50 copies, a short edition, is about 380 € with Letras de Autor. Within these rates Letras de Autor offers the necessary editorial services for your book to reach the market with quality and in less than a month.
– The characteristics of the book are standard and include: black and white texts, 80/90 grams white offset paper, 260 grams color covers, glossy or matte laminated, with flaps, etc. With other variants (color images, larger print runs and sizes, sewn binding, hard cover…) the cost becomes progressively more expensive. We also print without ISBN, if the author wishes, from a copy with flaps.
My opinion has not changed one iota, as the magnificent initial impression has been maintained until the end of the process. I would recommend Letras de Autor to other authors without any doubt, in fact I am already doing so…

How to publish a book on the internet

If your passion is writing and you spend your free hours drafting ideas to write the next best-seller, which you think can be a story that can have an important reach, you will have asked yourself many times the same question. Could I publish a book?
If after reading this post you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through our website and we will solve all the doubts you have about how to publish a book with us.
Leaving aside the satisfaction of having written your own book, the publication of your book will provide you with many benefits in your professional career. This way you will be able to:
If you want to publish a book it is normal that you are assailed by many doubts at the beginning, so we leave you some previous aspects that you must take into account before publishing a book, the first obviously is to write the book.
After having read the items to follow in the arduous work prior to publishing a book, now we will continue with the next step, which is to face the actual writing of the book, it is a difficult but satisfying strategy in which there will be some strategies to take into account if you want to get a good result.

How much it costs to publish a book

Gutenberg would marvel at how book publishing has changed since his first printing press in 1450. Not only have printing presses evolved, but so has the way books are laid out and how, thanks to e-readers or e-books, we can carry hundreds of titles in our pockets to read wherever we want.
From home, with an ordinary computer and a text editor we can write a book, layout it and convert it to PDF or ePub to share it freely on the Internet or self-publish it in one of the many online e-book stores.
In this article we start from the fact that you already have your own work ready and you just need to publish your books in an online store. Let’s see which sites and services we can use to self-publish our own books in electronic version.
Let’s start with Amazon as it has become one of the main online book stores, both in paper and electronic format, thanks to Amazon itself and its Kindle store. What’s more, its devices are among the most widely used by e-book readers.

How to publish a book for free

Have you finished writing a book and are looking for publishers to publish your work? Here is a list of the most searched publishers on the Internet and detailed information on how to send them your manuscript.
You have finished writing your book, congratulations! Now it’s time for your creation to see the light of day. Oh, oh! You thought the hardest part was done, didn’t you? But now you are looking for options to launch your work and surely the question of how to publish a book and not die trying has crossed your mind. Well, don’t worry! If you are a new writer and you are very lost, in this complete guide on how to publish your book you will find what you need to know to situate yourself a little bit and know what options you have and how to get your work to see the light of day.
A key question you should ask yourself is: do you want your book to be published on paper or is a digital book enough for you? We are not talking about publishing a book on the Internet for free. We are talking about selling your ebook through specialized platforms and online bookstores. Currently, the ebook market is growing and a book can easily sell thousands of copies in digital format.