What is a business model

What is a business model

Business plan

If you have already read “How to start a business idea”, this article is perfect for you. Here I will give you the definition of business model and several examples of the most popular ones so you can apply it to your future startup or company. You will no longer have excuses to say that you don’t know what a model is and that you didn’t know it before creating your startup.
The Business Model Canvas is the most popular business model “template” in the world. Since its creators, Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, published the book that gave its name to this business model canvas, it has been used for almost all new startups and popularized in contests such as Startup Weekends.
It is a tool that has different sections that are responsible for covering all the basic aspects of a business, from customer segments to even key partners and cost structure. In general, it follows the definition of business model and seeks to capture in one place how the value of your startup is created, delivered and captured.

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So the business model is everything you need to think about before going out into the world with your product. It is the key information that will help you get investors and, a little further down the road, create the plan that will set your project in motion.
A business model is the way in which a company offers a product or service with a value proposition, which the customer is looking for to solve a problem. It explains how the value proposition will be shared, who will be involved, what it will take to get it off the ground, and what type of customers it will sell to.
A business model can be seen as an outline that you need to better understand everything you will need to get your project off the ground. That is why defining it correctly will give you the guidelines that will indicate your proposed value proposition, the ideal customers who will pay for it and how much it will cost you to produce it.
First you identify the problem, then it’s time to think about the best solution you can come up with. The idea is that the benefits of the answer you propose are more important than the tools that must be used to achieve it. This way your value proposition increases its attractiveness by being perceived as something more than the purchase of a gadget, or an additional subscription to a service.

Business model vs. business plan

A business model is an “abstract representation of an organization, either textually or graphically, of all related concepts, financial arrangements, and the core portfolio of products or services that the organization offers and will offer based on the actions necessary to achieve strategic goals and objectives.”[1][2] This definition by Al-Debei, indicates that value proposition, value architecture (organizational and technological infrastructure), financial value, and network value are the primary dimensions of business models.[3] Business models have become more sophisticated over the centuries, and business models have become more sophisticated over time.
Over the centuries, business models have become more sophisticated. The bait and hook model was introduced in the 20th century. This involves offering a basic product at a very low cost and then making recurring charges for similar services or recharges. Examples include: rake (bait) and spare parts (hook); cell phones (bait) and billable time (hook); printers (bait) and cartridges (hook); cameras (bait) and developing (hook). A variant of this model is used by Adobe, a software developer that gives away the document reader but charges for the publisher.

Types of business models

Do you have an idea and don’t know how to implement it? Today I want to talk to you about the business model concept, the tool that will help you develop your business project.    I will tell you how to build your business from the ground up, with good foundations so that it can grow and become a solid and profitable company.
A business model is a tool that captures in an abstract way the characteristics of a business and the structure that forms the set of routines and tasks that a company should do in order to generate revenue and provide greater value to its customers.
In more colloquial words, it is a document of analysis that is created prior to the business plan and that will allow us to better understand our business project and all its commercial context.
When starting a business, it is normal to have many doubts about what are the first steps to take.  Not planning and defining how your project is going to work can jeopardize its future.